Thursday, June 27, 2013

6/24 - 6/27

Training so far this week has been hard but I feel as though I’m continuing to make progress.  Monday was 8 miles in the evening after work.  I decided not to run until the evening so give myself a little more rest from the traveling and my cold / sinus infection, which always feels worse in the morning.  The 8 miles weren’t bad as I explored a new neighborhood in Ashburn.  I weighed 155.0 in the AM.

Tuesday was a 12 miles in the morning and overall I felt good holding under 7min miles but I did notice my knee was starting to hurt a bit.  I found I could alleviate the pain by stopping to stretch, so that kept me going.  I was tired after the run and felt like I couldn’t regulate my body temperature all morning at work. Weight was 153.0.

Wednesday was 13+ on the cider path of the W&OD and it was unpleasant.  I ran in the evening and it was deceptively hot and humid out.  I was running out and back and due to the mile markers I knew I was running slow, dropping to 7:30 pace at times.  My right knee and achilles both bothered me a little bit from time to time but I pushed through and stopped quickly  to stretch when I started to feel it more.  There is only one water fountain when I run South so I looked forward to visiting it both directions.  I was hurting but managed to make it 6.5mi out, meaning there was no cutting this short.  It was a survival run home.  I covered the distance in 1:34.  I felt slow and unathletic but was proud of myself for running 13 miles when I wasn’t feeling good.  I believe doing that every so often is good to preparation for pushing through pain in races.  Weight was 153.0 again.

Thursday AM was 8 miles again though Brambleton.  I moved along a lot better than the previous evening but still felt a little tired and overheated.  I could have been worse because luckily the weather was slightly cooler and less humid because I started running soon after it rained.  When I‘m fat and trying to get back to race weight (like now), I always weigh myself around the same time every day, which is before I run.  That consistency helps me determine if I’m actually losing weight.  Today was 150.8 but I was sweating a lot during the run I was curious what my post-run weight would be.  It was 149.0 and I have to admit, even though this wasn’t my official weight, it was nice to see 140s on the scale again, especially after seeing 160s a couple weeks earlier.

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